About Me

Hi, welcome to my site. This is Operation Wander and it’s a project and career path to help utilize the Internet in a way that is positive for humankind. Computers and the Internet are very powerful tools and I like to think of ways they can be more helpful for people. My dream is to create a platform that empowers people to live their best lives. To integrate daily choices almost like an online journal, and simultaneously to plan out a course. Then to project this desired life to the current actions, and help with goal setting and analyzing where blockages may occur. To Operate/plan, and to wander along the way. Listening to the present and having the rock of this smart online journal to take note of Self. I call this idea Operation Wander, and it is currently in planning phase.

Presently, I am working as a freelance website designer, and Salesforce Developer. I also am a practicing yoga teacher, and amateur photographer.

Check out this site to learn some more about me and projects I have done. Please reach out if there’s a Salesforce or Web Development project I can help with!