Design Patterns

Effective design patterns can speed up the development process by providing proven development paradigms. These designs can solve future problems before they become visible to the developer.

Kennas test blog extra images

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Good Things Are Coming

Good morning friends. This is a gentle reminder to trust the process. Wherever you are in this moment. Wherever you want to take your life. Be brace enough to plant the seeds to bear the fruit of your journey. Be here now and enjoy taking those small strides towards all that you are and all […]

Donation Based Workshop

Date XX Donation based yoga workshop for fellow yogis. Accommodate your Students Rolf stressed that successful workshops accommodate students. “Invite them to a party they want to go to,” he said repeatedly at the conference, adding that it’s about what the students want, “not a party you want to go to.” Understanding your clientele’s lifestyles […]

Self Love Agenda | Beginnings

Your bio should be short, sweet, to the point, and should include a few key components: 1. Who you are. Include your name and any certifications and titles you might have. For example, when I talk about who I am in my bio I say that I’m a tarot reader, Reiki practitioner, and trauma-conscious yoga […]